CorpusMOOC Weeks 4-5

Week 4

Two main things were going on in week 4: A) Lecture and activities for annotation and tagging, and B) Reviewing essays that used corpus analyses.

Annotation comes up a lot in CL readings and discussions, and I would imagine it seems extremely technical when you only read or hear about it. The practical activities/videos using CLAWS, TagAnt, and USAS do a lot to demystify the tagging process. I was particularly interested in USAS as I have not used a semantic tagger before.

Reading and reviewing undergraduate essays was also a nice activity because in a few ways it helped to demonstrate what one should look for when doing analyses, as well as stimulating thinking about how info and data should be presented. It was useful to me as a reflective assessment.

Week 5

In week 5 the main topics were, broadly, using CL to look at social issues and introducing CQPweb, which, if you’ve ever tried to use it before, has an interface that can be difficult to come to grips with (i.e. it’s a bit intimidating imo). Having a walk-thru like this really helps because CQPweb is a really powerful tool, and it allows you to access a lot of corpora (not only English).

The exploration of CL with forensic linguistics is also quite interesting, and is a nice example of CL being used to examine the context and setting of language use and not just a focus on grammatical or internal characteristics of language, but how those characteristics can inform our understanding of what is going in the case. And in turn how that understanding can affect and influence decide-making in the world.


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