corpusMOOC ’16

Lancaster University runs an introduction to Corpus Linguistics MOOC through the FutureLearn platform every year. The MOOC, titled ‘Corpus Linguistics: Method, Analysis, Interpretation‘, is completely free and has gotten several positive reviews in past years. A sampling of reviews and comments from the early 2014 iteration is here, and a review of the September 2014 iteration published in Corpora is here. You can also peruse all the ‘corpusMOOC’ entries on the G+ CL community here.

This year’s MOOC starts in September. I’ll participate this year and, time permitting, post weekly updates about the topics, materials, and activities. Having read through some of the reviews, it’s clear that one can expect several activities in the course to be of relevance to language instructors and language education researchers.

You can also check out #corpusmooc on Twitter to get a flavor of what others have said/are saying about the course.


3 thoughts on “corpusMOOC ’16

  1. I’m taking the course as well, it’s only the first week and so far i like it a lot – it’s very structured and thorough at the same time, however everything explained in a simple way.

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    • Yes, Maka, I agree. The designers clearly want to make sure everyone is getting key terminology and a solid foundation before moving onto more challenging things.

      In previous years the MOOC received good reviews so I think we can expect the quality of the structure and material to continue 🙂


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