SCoRE User Guide (in English)

SCoRE is the Sentence Corpus of Remedial English. It is a sentence corpus and website specially designed for Japanese EFL learners (though the project intends to create versions for learners of other backgrounds as well). On its homepage there is a Japanese language guide for using SCoRE, but no English guide. So, I have written up an unofficial English guide for SCoRE.

Although the current iteration of SCoRE is intended for Japanese EFL learners, sticking to and using the English versions of the tools available may be beneficial for non-Japanese learners, too. In this guide I tried to explain the main tools and their functions.

Anyway, I hope this is somewhat useful for someone 🙂

Here is the guide as a pdf.


I forgot to mention that if you access SCoRE on a mobile device you may find issues. For example, on the iPad SCoRE does not seem to work in Safari, however it works as it should in Chrome.


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