2 Items: Corpus Linguistics course and DDL activities

DDL activities: I had seen this a while ago, but then sort of forgot about it. The United Arab Emirates University hosts a Data-driven Learning activities website that utilizes an in-house corpus. It is meant for learners to use. Check it out, it might be useful.

Corpus Linguistics course: Dr. Monika Bednarek of the University of Sydney has developed and shared an online introductory Corpus Linguistics study package. It’s not really a course, but more of a self-paced study resource. I’ve been looking through it and it looks pretty good. A very thorough introduction to Corpus Linguistics. It is hosted on CourseSites, so you will need to register to view it. She posted her announcement and info about the package on her Academia page.


In the comments Mura Nava has posted a link to a brief review of Dr. Bednarek’s online Corpus Linguistics unit, which I’ve added here as well.


7 thoughts on “2 Items: Corpus Linguistics course and DDL activities

    • Thanks Mura,

      I absolutely agree about the external links being a bit annoying/not labelled in the the ToC.

      I might put of a fuller review of my own when I’ve had a chance to explore it more. I haven’t looked at it with an ‘evaluative lens’ too closely yet.



  1. Hi Michael,

    I know this is an older post, but I’m curious about the DDL resources, I just get a patterned screen when I click the link; is that the result of a browser incompatibility?



    • Hi Matt,

      Is the patterning some sort of purple squares? There should be a white box with text and menus overlaying that patterning. I suppose it could be browser incompatibility.

      What browser are you using? I’ll play around with a few browsers tomorrow and update the post if I find some browsers have trouble accessing the site.


      p.s. As an aside, I don’t think the activities are all that well designed, but I haven’t gone through all of them and others might find them more useful than I did.


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